We at AJ's Tax have an experienced workforce that is intimately familiar with a vast array of accounting, tax return, investment Insurance and mortgage needs. The issues that arise from our complex tax code requires the need for a knowledgeable firm.

Here at  AJ's Tax  you have exactly that. We are a full service accounting firm, we can do your payroll, bookkeeping, end of the year reports and of course the business tax return. We specialize in small to medium businesses, and we offer our services at an affordable price. We understand holding costs down, we understand what it is to work long hard hours as a business person, we also understand how much more it can cost a business when they have to pay for more in audits due to improper in house accounting. We are here for YOU, before you make any decision that has tax consequences call us, it may save a lot of agony later.

With the mortgage market currently, we here at AJ's can help with FHA, VA, Rural Development as well as conventional financing to help you purchase a home or to refinance one. Also, we can help explain the advantages of buying, the advantages of one type of mortgage over another. Never has their been a better time to purchase or refinance. Fill out our quick application below.

Investment and Insurance needs are also our specialty. We offer investments for retirement, sound financial planning is our key. By being independent, we can offer the best of the best. From mutual funds, to variable annunities, to fixed annunities, to variable life, fixed life  and universal life, we can offer you the piece of mind you need. We are your one stop financial center. We have been for 15 years. Call us today.

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